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     AKJ Concealco LLC

    Specializing in the manufacture of personal defense related leather concealment goods.
Our goal is to offer high quality products that feature a unique aspect to their design--that
aren't just "knock-offs" of someone else's product--at a reasonable price

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HOT  ITEM!!!   SELECT GRADE  IWB Holster w/Reinforced Sweat-Shield


ReadyLine IWBA Holsters 
EXPEDITED DELIVERY!!  Available for most popular models.

ITEM!!! ReadyLine IWBT (w/Thumb-break) for Common LE Handgun Models

   Products that we manufacture include: Holsters, reinforced dress gunbelts, magazine pouches, and our latest addition, the "SF" (Small Flashlight) Holster.

   Our Patented IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster design is quickly becoming very popular as more and more armed professionals and citizens are discovering that there is an IWB available that is concealable, fully functional, AND very comfortable.

   Our Patented SF Holster  is of a unique design and is available in a size to fit nearly every conventional, personal-sized, high-output flashlight currently being offered, including nearly all the SureFire models, Pelican M6, the Streamlight Scorpion and TL2, the TacStar T6, the Inova X0, X5 and X1, and many others. With your choice of dexterity and of bezel-up or bezel-down carry, you will be sure to find a combination that will fit your need.      

(Updated 5/25/11)

5/25/11 Here is information that we recieve many requests about--Crimson Trace Laser Grip and Laser Gurad compatibility.  Click here for more Details.

11/17/09  Attention--Members of law enforcement--and those who carry commonly LE issued handguns:  We are now offering a ReadyLine (expedited delivery)  version of our IWBT for select handgun models Glocks, H&K USP Compacts and Sig models.  Please click here for more info.
Be sure to check out our "ReadyLine" expedited delivery IWBA (Ambidextrous) Holsters--available for most popular handguns. Click here  for more info. Latest ReadyLine Additions:  S&W M&P 9/40/357 (FS & Comp) ~ S&W M&P 45 Compact ~ Sig P226 P226 w/rail  ~ Kimber/Springfield 1911s w/rail ~ Kahr 9mm & .40 Models, H&K USP Compact 9/40 & 45 ACP.
RECENT HOLSTER FIT LIST UPDATES:   4-21-11-- added Ruger LC9  4-21-11-- added Ruger 327 Fed (IMPORTANT--see availability list for special ordering instructions before ordering this one)  4-18-11-- added all Kahr P/PM/TP/CW models equipped with Crimson Trace Laser Guard  4-17-11-- added Kimber Solo 2-11-11-- added Walther PP. 12-22-10-- added Kahr P45, PM45 & TP45.  6-6-10-- added Taurus 709 Slim. 2-23-10-- added several Sig Sauer DAK models.  9 9/9/09 -- added FNP-9/40/357. 7/14/09 -- added Ruger SR9 and Ruger LCR (with or without CT Laser Grips). 2/4/09 -- added the S&W M&P 45 Compact.  12/19/08 -- added the H&K P30, Colt New Agent, Springfield Armory XD(M) & Beretta PX4 Storm.  10/08/08 -- added the HK45 & HK45C.  Click here to fiew our fit list.
Be sure to check out our "Clearance/Odds-N-Ends" page for premade/clearance items--last updated 12/12/09--added IWBA for Kahr K9.  07/28/09--added holsters for Beretta PX4, HK USP Compact, Colt New Agent, and Steyr M Series.

It has come to our attention that someone may be "spoofing" email from our domains.  If you have received an unsolicited/bulk email
from either a or email address, please
click here for more info



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